Protection in the Face of Age Discrimination.

Many people are aware of race, religion and sex discrimination laws concerning employment. But a significant number of people have yet to hear about the age discrimination. Van Etten Sipprelle LLP is an experianced employment law firm based in Westlake Village, California. A law that first came into effect in October 2006, the age discrimination legislation prohibits any treatment of an employee or potential employee based on their age. It is an effective piece of legislation, necessary in supporting employees in today’s competitive job market.

Many people might assume that the age discrimination law applies only to older employees, in situations where they are ‘let go’ due to their mature age. However, the law also protects younger employees and applicants. For instance, if a young applicant is rejected from a position based solely on age – and the assumption that he or she must, therefore, lack experience – that applicant is experiencing unlawful age discrimination and should pursue appropriate compensation. Likewise, if an older employee is not hired because an employer thinks they are too old to do the job right, that applicant is also suffering age discrimination and deserves compensation.

Even with the law in action, it can be difficult to familiarise oneself with all of the law’s intricacies, as well as to challenge an individual or employer on grounds of age discrimination. That’s why it’s important for people to acquaint themselves with the numerous resources available to them, in the event they have been discriminated against due to their age.

One way of handling such discrimination is a specialised solicitor. A solicitor can explain all the details of the age discrimination law, as well as specify your rights about all aspects of the law. A solicitor can also help you actively seek due compensation for the discrimination. It is also important to remember that compensation is unlimited, meaning a court can reward an individual who has endured age discrimination based on the actual loss suffered in consequence of the discrimination, rather than a token sum.

The impact of age discrimination law has proven to be immense since its release in 2006, helping countless individuals claim due compensation for employer discrimination against their age. Therefore, if an individual feels they have been discriminated against due to their age, then it may be an idea to get in touch with a specialised solicitor to enquire about their rights. The right kind of legal support and expertise can help any individual get appropriate – and deserved – compensation for age discrimination.

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