why you need a drug crime lawyer

If you’ve been charged with drug crimes, or have come under investigation for them, hiring a criminal lawyer should be the first thing you do. Many people discount how important it is to have effective legal representation – often at the expense of their freedom. With the money and resources that are available to the prosecution, it’s essential that you have the right person on your side.

Bear in mind that there are two types of attorneys: one type is the inexperienced attorney or public defenders; the second type is the experienced attorney. The difference between the two is that one will advise you, more often than not, to take a plea bargain the lead prosecutor may suggest to you. However, the experienced criminal defense attorney from Gurovich, Berk & Associates will weigh the options and help you to determine if you should take a plea bargain.

Drug charges can be very confusing. There will normally be a number of different charges against someone who is charged with drug offenses. There are subtle differences between possession with intent, possession, and drug trafficking. Your lawyer should understand the differences and be able to explain them in a way that you can understand. criminal defense attorneys should understand everything about drug related charges and they should be able to help you reduce the charges to a minimum, win, or get the charges dismissed.

An experienced criminal lawyer in Los Angeles from Gurovich, Berk & Associates has a deep understanding of the human psyche. Your lawyer should know how to influence the judge, jury and prosecution to keep you from going to jail but he/she should also know what ways are best to present the evidence and make your case strong. Experienced drug crime attorneys should be able to deal with delicate situations with ease and will certainly be much better at doing these things than you will be on your own or a court appointed attorney (who has no vested interest in the case) will.

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