Driving under the influence or DUI itself is a horrible thing to do; getting arrested is an experience that is absolutely frightening. People who get arrested with a DUI are often terrified thinking of the consequences. They keep worrying about what kind of punishment awaits them. They may have to face dire consequences ranging from being stripped of their driving privileges from having to spend time in bars. But these problems only occur if they are convicted of the crime, what if there are ways to defend DUI charges.

Of course, if you find yourself face to run in loads of influence, you should find a reputable DUI lawyer. This person must be an expert in handling cases related not only to alcohol but if you can be charged for being impaired by drugs. It is one of the many questions you should ask when you interview different lawyers to represent you.

One of the things that your new DUI lawyer should do is explain what penalties bear the charges. Although each state is different on how they punish the crime, they all have as fine as possible and restriction on your license for a period. Typically, a first offense will see you lose your license for from a few months to a year and pay a heavy fine to the state. You may even have to take classes to have your license reinstated. For more information, you can check with Lotze Mosley LLP, an experienced criminal defense law firm in Washington D.C.

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