San Bernardino Child Custody Attorney

The list of the rights of the child over whom guardianship is established includes: education in the family of the guardian; providing conditions of detention and education; alimony, pensions, benefits and other social benefits; other property and non-property rights. The parents of the child or the persons replacing them lose their rights and obligations to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the child from the moment of establishing guardianship or guardianship. To do this you need a San Bernardino child custody attorney.


Absolutely all actions, including the inaction of the child’s guardian or custodian, can be appealed by parents ( relatives, adoptive parent ) to the guardianship and custody agency, which are authorized to oblige the guardian or guardian to eliminate violations of the rights and legitimate interests of the child. Counsel attorney for guardianship and trusteeship. The San Bernardino guardian or curator has the right to demand, on the basis of a court decision, the return of the child under guardianship or trusteeship from any persons who keep the child without legal grounds, including from parents or other relatives or adoptive parents of the child. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino can assist in your child custody case. 


A guardian or trustee cannot prevent the child from communicating with his parents and other relatives. The duties of the guardian and custodian include raising the child, taking care of his health, physical, mental and moral development. Supervision of compliance with the requirements of the law in the field of custody and guardianship is carried out by the guardianship and custody authorities .

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