Stephen J. Horn: For the best truck accident attorneys.

Truck accidents are some of the commonest and most severe types of accidents. There are many truck drivers out there who really drive carelessly leaving disaster in their wake. A lot of people have been injured, maimed and others crippled for life just because of one careless driver. Trucks are quite big vehicles and when… Continue reading Stephen J. Horn: For the best truck accident attorneys.


Driving under the influence or DUI itself is a horrible thing to do; getting arrested is an experience that is absolutely frightening. People who get arrested with a DUI are often terrified thinking of the consequences. They keep worrying about what kind of punishment that awaits them. They may have to face dire consequences ranging… Continue reading DUI

Understanding Local SEO for Legal Business

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears in the local specific section of a search engine’s results pages. This is an SEO technique that involves targeting the specific location of your audience and/or business with keywords and geo-location information. Though, similar to conventional SEO, local SEO can help set… Continue reading Understanding Local SEO for Legal Business

Wrongful Death

When a person dies as a result of another person’s fault, whether killed on negligence or misconduct of another, the surviving family members may take legal actions for wrongful death. A successful wrongful death lawsuit allows the victim’s family to get compensation for the loss suffered, including any funeral or medical services, consortium loss and… Continue reading Wrongful Death